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Digestive Problems Can Be the Source of Bad Breath

Posted in Articles on February 10th, 2010 by Pete – Be the first to comment

For those who are battling a chronic problem with bad breath, the underlying problem could be a malfunction of the digestive system. Simply changing your eating habits may result in improving your entire system as well as your breath.

There could be three reasons for poor digestion that results in bad breath. There could be a lack of enzymes in the digestive system. Every well working digestive system contains not only bad bacteria but also good bacteria, if there is no balance, one of the results could be bad breath. Over eating can cause problems if the body does not have enough digestive enzymes to complete the digestion process.

As we age, the body does not produce as much hydrochloric acid as we may need to aid in proper digestion. Taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water can help to alleviate the problem. Having a lack of fiber in the diet can also result in problems. Whatever the case, if the body does not engage in proper detoxification of the bowels, it can result in health problems as well as bad breath. A deficiency of the Vitamin B6 can also occur and because the vitamin is not often replenished through food, taking a supplement may be necessary.

So it is important to eat foods, which digest well, use supplements to aid in digestion and eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of water. Otherwise, the result could be constipation. Putrefied food can remain in the intestinal tract and begin to give off noxious gas, which results not only in flatulence but also bad breath.

Good digestive health is just as important as having good dental hygiene. But brushing your teeth and flossing daily may not result in having fresh breath if the digestive system is not aligned properly.

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