How to Clean your Tongue with a Spoon

It’s the rush of air that disturbs the tiny strands of hair sitting harmlessly on the surface of the entrance to our breathing chambers. Bad breath. At a certain point in our existence, we all have been in a face-to-face encounter with someone whose breath stinks like hell. Even just the idea of it would make you cringe.

Bad breath is a major turn off. It doesn’t only mean that you have a problem with how your breath smells. More importantly, it shows that you have a problem about how you take care of yourself. Although the worst forms of halitosis, as it is medically called, may have deeper underlying conditions that have to be cured in order to address the breath problem, sometimes the answer to prevent and cure bad breath lies on one thing most people ignore: cleaning your tongue.

Maybe at one point you have already tried cleaning your tongue while you were brushing but gagged your way to quitting. It’s okay to gag. It means you’re normal. The gag reflex is a normal mechanism of the body and it gets less active over time as you get yourself used to cleaning your tongue. Sometimes, using a spoon to scrape your tongue instead of a toothbrush can also go a long way for people whose gag reflex is still very active.

The steps are very simple and easy to follow. Get hold of a spoon and face the mirror. You might want to brush your teeth or gargle to start with. Once you’re all set, stick your tongue out and put the inverted spoon the farthest you can go on the back of your tongue. You may not go too far yet if you’re doing it for the first time but it’s going to get better through time. Start scraping your tongue gently from the rear to the front. If you see particles on the spoon from the scraping, make sure to wash them out first before putting the spoon back to your tongue. Repeat the entire procedure until you cover the entire surface of your tongue. You should see your tongue as a healthy pink surface free of any discolored coatings. Rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash, whichever you would prefer to conclude the process.

Aside from scraping your tongue with a spoon, be aware of some other healthy ways to keep your tongue healthy and free from bacteria. Drink healthy. Stay away from alcohol and try to get into drinking green tea. Green tea has natural substances that fight against bacteria to help keep your mouth clean. Quit smoking. Aside from making your mouth smell bad from the mere smoke, cigarette has substances that diminish the body’s ability to fight against bacteria. Eat healthy. Keep your breath fresh even when asleep to avoid the monkey breath in the morning by eating a piece of guava or apple before going to bed.

Nobody deserves to live with a stinky breath. Nobody wants to have it and nobody wants to deal with someone who has it. Keep yourself healthy. Eat right, drink right, and clean right to live right.

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