How to Clean your Tongue Piercing

To those who find beauty in the concept of pain and sacrifice, tongue piercings are fun and cool. Getting your tongue pierced signifies strength. It shows others how much pain you are willing to endure and be okay with it. Apart from that small piece of a metal thing on your tongue, you show the world that you are nobody to mess around with. And you’re cool just like that.

However, many out there seem to forget that a tongue piercing doesn’t only mean strength. It also denotes responsibility. When you don’t know how to take care of your tongue and you’re tongue piercing, it could lead to having bad breath. That wouldn’t be cool anymore.

The first few weeks after the procedure, where the pain is most terrible and the swelling is at its peak, is the period where those who get their tongue pierced are most vulnerable to developing bad breath. This is the stage where they are very hesitant to clean their tongue or even brush their teeth. Taking care of your tongue piercing then means taking care of your overall oral health.

Most important: a tongue piercing is a wound and it should be treated as such. All wounds are very prone to infection and preventing it is the focus of taking care of your tongue piercing. Make sure you have a soft-bristled toothbrush. Having a tongue piercing is not and should never be a reason not to brush your teeth. Not brushing your teeth only invites bacteria to build up in your mouth. For the first six to eight weeks when the piercing is still on the process of healing, chose a non-alcohol based mouthwash to gargle with every after a meal. You can also use a very mild salt and warm water solution as an alternative. You want your wound to heal fast so while your tongue piercing isn’t fully healed yet, try to avoid food and drinks that can irritate the wound. Cut down on food and drinks that are hot, spicy, acidic, and difficult to chew.

Getting your tongue pierced may also be the perfect way for you to start refraining from alcohol and smoking. The substances you get from these vices only irritate the wound and delay the healing process.

Make sure to always wash your hands with soap and water before following oral care procedures and even touching or washing your tongue jewelry. After the swelling resides and the wound completely heals, you should be able to remove the jewelry for two important reasons: to clean the jewelry with soap and water, and to clean your tongue thoroughly.

Staying healthy is one great way to be cool. Be responsible. Say no to bad breath.

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