Yeast Infection on the Corners of the Mouth

A mouth yeast infection can be a scary thing and very uncomfortable to look at. Technically, happens mostly in infants and babies most especially those under long-term antibiotic treatments or therapy as this is one significant side effect of such medication. Halitosis can be triggered with yeast infections as it makes your oral cavity dry (xerostomia)  making it more susceptible to bacterial invasion that causes or bad breath.

Adults can also get yeast infection on the corners of the mouth as their cases may vary depending on what type of infection or medical condition they have. Some yeast infection may signal some serious systemic diseases and this should be looked upon to immediately.

There are many factors that can cause yeast infections to your mouth most especially at the corner part of the orbicularis oris.

Often that triggers are those with ill-fitting dentures, patients who have medication s that contains steroids, those people who have immune deficiencies or their immune system is weak, diabetic patients and those under prolonged antibiotic therapy.

Having a dry mouth also can lead into this kind of infection and such condition exposes your mouth chlamydial exposure and thus yeast infection.

Diabetic patients also exposes themselves since they have higher sugar levels in their blood which paves way to infection because it serves as a good nutrition to bacteria.

Prolonged antibiotic therapy also serves good to yeast-infecting hosts because the natural flora of the oral cavity is damaged.

People who rub or otherwise irritate the corners of the mouth also tend to develop yeast infection.

You will notice a white patchy strips on the corner of your mouth and it will bleed if being touched.

The infection is a painful inflammation and cracking on the corners of your mouth, usually happens. Sometimes systemic infection may trigger these to appear and scatter throughout the oral mucosa.

Yeast infection may grow easily in moist areas and are collected at the skin folds or the oral cavity and at the corner of the mouth.

Yeast infection in the corner of your mouth can be treated by:

Drinking cool liquids to soothe the yeast infection.

Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.

Avoid eating sugary foods to starve the infection and cured easily.

Possibly if you have constant or recurring inflammations in the corners of your mouth consult a dentists to see if your dentures fit well. They will ask about your oral habits and mostly about how you clean and maintain good and proper oral hygiene. They will also give you some tests to see if you have anemia and also check if you have any systemic disorders.

Your mouth is the food for your soul and it reflects how you maintain good and proper oral hygiene. Making yourself clean physically, mentally and emotionally also reflects how you take care of your body. It is best to read books about yeast infections as it truly affects the way your mouth smells most especially if it is dry.

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