Yeast Infection and Bad Breath

Bad breath can also be associated with oral yeast infections as this disease can contribute to foul odor of the mouth. Oral candidiasis or “thrush” is a yeast infection that is commonly caused by Candida albicans within the mucous membranes of the mouth. These appear as thick white or cream-colored patches on the mucosal membranes and bleeds easily when you touch or try to peel it. The affected area looks inflamed and slightly elevated and it is quite painful and produces a burning sensation to the patient even upon swallowing.

For adults, the term moniliasis or candidosis is usually used while thrush is the term associated with oral yeast infections of the babies. High-risk patients includes those newborn babies, diabetic patients with poorly controlled cases, prolonged intake of antibiotics most especially with drugs containing steroids, women taking contraceptives and have hormonal imbalances and patients wearing ill-fitting dentures.

Candida fungus is considered a normal flora of the oral mucosa but once disturbed due to causative factors it then multiplies rapidly and creates multiple white patches that leads to fungal infection.

Oral fungal infection causes foul odor of the mouth or halitosis. It creates bad odor coming from the affected area because the mucosal layer of the mouth undergoes degeneration causing it to smell unpleasantly because of the fungus that’s been eating up the entire area. This is quite shameful for the patient and opening his mouth in front of people may be too difficult for him.

Treatment to oral yeast infection:

Consulting your doctor or dentist is the best way to solve this problem. Your doctor can then assess the severity of the case and be able to manage it carefully with the right medicine to treat this oral infection.  Fungal creams or nystatin can then be applied to the affected area or there are some oral medications to be taken to speed up healing process.

Ill fitting dentures should be re-based so as to avoid unnecessary rubbing of the dentures within the surfaces of the mouth. Dentists will take new impressions and adjust the dentures to have it snugly fit into your mouth. This then will prevent recurrence of oral yeast infection.

Good oral hygiene. This is the best preventive way to avoid recurrence of oral fungal infection as well as halitosis. When you practice cleaning your oral cavity religiously and promptly, you can prevent multiplication of bacterial and fungal diseases in your mouth thus saves you from expensive treatment and infection control management. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing it afterwards is a good start of practicing good oral hygiene. Soon you will notice some variable changes within your oral mucosa if you start doing this daily routine.

Eating the right food and unsweetened yogurt or acidophilus. Fighting off fungal infections with good bacteria can be very beneficial. Unsweetened yogurt is one good example of food which has good bacteria – lactobacilli which fights off yeast infection -producing fungi.

Gargle nystatin at least twice a day until the fungal infection has been eliminated. You will notice the affected area is slowly shedding off the dead skin cells and the you can stop nystatin therapy. Continue treating it by maintaining good oral hygiene until you’ve noticed that halitosis is already taken care of.

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